Selling in Scotland

You want to sell. Here’s a quick rundown of what to consider so you not only get the best result but don’t tear your hair out in the process.

1. Valuation

Most estate agents offer free valuations. Ask lots of questions – this will give you an insight into their approach. Cost is a consideration but just one factor. Who will help you navigate the process and get you the best result? 

Tip: The agent providing the highest valuation might not be the right one to go with as an unrealistically high valuation could put off potential buyers.

2. Appoint your dream team

The right agent could net you thousands more in the final sale. A truly experienced team will use their skills and knowledge to tip the balance in your favour.

Remember, you don’t just need to market your property, you need solicitors to do the conveyancing. Appointing a solicitor estate agent gives you a full-service team which provides a close working relationship between your estate agent and conveyancers which in turn will reduce your legwork and keep the process simple.

Tip: Find a team that deals easily with any bumps in the road and focuses on protecting your interests at every turn.

3. Maximise pulling power

Declutter, freshen-up and undertake any essential maintenance. Heed the specific advice of your knowledgeable property team to ensure your home tempts potential buyers through the door. 

Tip: Professional photography, floor plans and marketing materials are essential.

4. Home Report 

It is a legal requirement to get a Home Report for most properties being sold in Scotland. It comprises a Survey and Valuation, an Energy Performance Certificate and a Property Questionnaire. 

Tip: Most estate agents will arrange this for you with experienced surveyors.

5. List it

Your estate agent’s expertise and local knowledge will be invaluable when setting an asking price and deciding when to go to market. 

Tip: A good agent will provide proactive advice on asking price and marketing strategy. 

6. Spread the word

The internet is by far the most popular starting point for house hunters. It is important your property features on key sites in your area. In Scotland, regional property centres (ESPC, TSPC, BSPC) are important platforms and member firms often deliver higher than average sale values. 

Tip: Widen the net of potential purchasers as much as possible by ensuring your home is marketed on a range of channels.

7. Seeing is believing

Make it easy for viewers to picture themselves living in your property. Highlight the best bits not featured in the schedule – local insights and tips.

Estate agents can often show buyers around for you.

Tip: Make sure your agent follows up with all viewers to get feedback and gauge interest.

8. Interest generated

If you have piqued buyers’ interest you may receive notes of interest. If it’s clear that many potential buyers are beginning to circle, a good agent will proactively advise on setting a closing date.

Tip: The highest offer isn’t necessarily the right one for you. There may be other considerations such as the purchaser’s financial position and ability to commit to a deal. A good agent will advise on which offer is best for you. 

9. The legalities 

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring a property from one owner to another. When you accept an offer in principle your solicitor will liaise with the buyer's solicitor in relation to the missives, title deeds and other paperwork to ensure everything is in place.  Conclusion of the missives (the contract) makes the deal legally binding. 

Tip: Make sure your solicitor keeps you up to speed on progress and informs you about any issues.

10.Moving on out 

On the date of entry, with financial transactions complete and funds transferred, your solicitors receive all the paperwork. It’s time to hand over the keys – you’ve sold your house!

Tip: Do thorough change of address admin. Most people remember to tell utility providers but forget some others like pension and insurance providers, HMRC, banks, employers, schools, doctors and clubs.


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