The value of a great estate agent

Your home is your biggest asset. So, selling it is a big deal – metaphorically and literally. The scale of the figures involved means that every percentage can equate to thousands of pounds.

Good estate agents understand that and work proactively to add value. 

They appreciate that you may not be used to dealing in such sums so are there to advise and support you through what can be an emotional journey. Crucially, they understand the importance of not just selling your home but also getting you the best result.

Our dedicated residential property team is focused on making the most of your specific circumstances, on the back of years of experience and knowledge. This approach consistently achieves higher than average sales values. That matters. 

We add value to your selling experience and to the result by:

  • Being proactive with advice and updates from the first meeting right through to completion.
  • Being responsive to your needs, to what’s happening with potential purchasers and to market conditions. 
  • Providing expert strategic advice on pricing, timing, negotiating and finalising the deal.

This level of service, know-how and expertise leads to better prices and results for you. It also helps manage any issues, such as offers that don’t follow through or delays that could jeopardise your next purchase. 

Some estate agents promise cut price fees but deliver service levels and expertise to match. While they will list the property, arrange viewings and report offers, there is minimal added value. While it could result in paying less in fees, it could mean losing many times more than that ‘saving’ on the final sale price. 

On top of that is it worth considering the legwork required by you? The service levels offered may mean you taking on more than you may feel comfortable with. 

Cut price fees are possible because much of the skill, and therefore the value, has been stripped out. 

As we’ve said, your home is your biggest asset. Why would you consider doing anything other than working with experts who are committed to getting you the very best result and supporting you every step of the way?

Only then will you gain real value from a great estate agent.


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